Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Digging deep for Campaign Against Arms Trade — a mini-speech to advance the fundraising of an excellent cause

Remember, remember, this 5th of November, BAE Systems,(1) slush money,(2) and Britain arming dictators again and again!(3)

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) seeks nonviolently to put an end to all that.(4)

CAAT pursues peaceful economic revolutions in the name of 'conversion':(5)
  • Swords into ploughshares
  • Spears into pruning hooks
  • Missile delivery systems into more accessible and energy-efficient transport modes
  • Carpet bombs into a cornucopia of pastures of plenty and
  • Bullet holes into boreholes and artillery into artesian wells (6)
So please dig as deeply as you can
To help make such peaceful economic revolutions possible
As you donate to Campaign Against Arms Trade.(7)

Take part in peaceful economic revolutions for pastures of plenty.

By Alan the Poet Therapeutic


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