Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Journeying into Synergy

 Journeying into Synergy

A trilogy of poems dedicated to disabled people's access to lifelong learning and inclusion

1. In Praise of Fully Inclusive Human Potential

While Zen Buddhists pose the question:
“What is the sound of one hand clapping?”
I propose an image for you to imagine:

“Imagine a scene that I once witnessed,
Of a spoon-fed woman’s joyousness
Upon being given a musical shaker
That I — as cabaret entertainer
And Jobseekers Allowance 'overstayer' —
Had offered for audience participation
At a 'come-all-ye' meal for adults
With learning difficulties”

Some adjustments are more delightful
Than ‘completely reasonable,’
And no-one is truly


2. The Arts Manager

Her acceptance, enouragement and enthusiasm
Help us grow. Together.
From "Whoopsidaisy!"
To "Whoopee!"

She helps us grow trees of our talents
On the soil of our connectedness.

Our forest of creative fulfilment
Can ward off the desert's encroachment.


3. Reframing 'Economic Activity'

Let us broaden the horizons of full inclusion
Reflecting on life experiences illumines mine.

In place of "insufficient funds for full inclusion,"
Think of a broad continuum
Of gifts and needs and disabilities.

Consider that musical shaker
In that one helping hand —
Art in the Community!
Communal joie de vivre! —
Becoming 'economic activity'.

What is 'consideration'?

By Alan the Poet Therapeutic
© 2005 and 2020 by Alan Raymond Wheatley


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